Friday, 26 May 2017

The GI pools

WALT: We are learning to right what we learned at the pool

Hi my name is Monika I am a year six in team four and we will be learning how to swim at the Glen innes pool’s.

We will be like the first classes to swim or we go after lunch or at lunch  we have so much fun there Then we walk back to school sometimes it’s raining we have to walk in our swimming togs and walk back in our togs

You have to make sure that your parent s can see you so you won’t have to go and go behind the flag so the you won’t drown watchout  it could be dangerous when you go somewhere like the beach a pool or you might slip on a tile at the pools.

I would like to say thank you for this opportunity to lets us learn how to swim and having three weeks of swimming thank you jed for teaching.

The most important part that jess taught us was to stay in the flags .I enjoyed going in the cold water and doing three laps I really appreciate that we are swimming for three weeks thank you.

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Friday, 12 May 2017


WALT:how to write a fairy tail


On a sunny sunday the three best friends called Monika,Losehina and Lucy work up at the same time there was a festival at the beach and it started at 12:00 cloak They all looked at the time Lucy can you tell us the time 11:30.ah oh We have to hurry.Said Monika.No time for breakfast we got to go. There house was three houses away to the beach.
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Tuesday, 2 May 2017


WALT:to put our writing on your blog

Hi my name is Monika I am a year six at pt england school I am ten years old My favourite subject is maths I am very good at it.

In 2017 the of pt england school Theme is Now that’s thinking.Now that’s thinking means what you're thinking of.

Last term we were slack But this term we should do better than last term I am not going to be behind anyone I am going up not down.

I want to look forward to more topics this term and create new things,Learn more words keep read interesting books I can’t wait to do more learning.

I will try to finish my work on time.

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