Friday, 12 May 2017


WALT:how to write a fairy tail


On a sunny sunday the three best friends called Monika,Losehina and Lucy work up at the same time there was a festival at the beach and it started at 12:00 cloak They all looked at the time Lucy can you tell us the time 11:30.ah oh We have to hurry.Said Monika.No time for breakfast we got to go. There house was three houses away to the beach.
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  1. Ko Mia toku ingoa
    My name is Mia what I liked about your writing is that you hooked me into your story and you told me all the people in the story that was great but your spelling isn't as great so I just wanted to to tell you that you probably need to keep working on that so yeah thanks happy blogging ..............Mia

  2. HI my name is Monika and thank you for that comment