Friday, 23 February 2018

should student get paid for producing good work

I think little kids shouldn’t get paid for producing work.

Opinion: my opinion is

Reason:kids even tho it would be good for kids learning its still
bad at the same time because kids are coming to school to learn
not to get paid because when u grow up thats when u start to earn
your own money.

Example:every kid in ptengland would do lots of good work
to get money but that means no kids would go for trips like what
we do now and we won’t be able to get chromebooks for our learning.

My first blog post of the year

In 2018 I am a yr 7 at pt england school On the first day I didn't know where to go because I was a yr 7
and I didn't know to go to our old classroom or to the hall.When the second bell we are still in our home class doing art work When the bell rang it was home time and I asked my teacher If I could take some paint home to finish off my artwork.On saturday My mother was getting ready for work and I told her not to look you can wait till teachers meeting day then she said ok after a few minutes she came to see and totally  forgot that she was supposed to  see on teachers meeting but then she helped me with my artwork and when we finished it we both had a break and I had rice bubbles.

The Enviorment

They drop rubbish on purpose and it ends up in the water.All the animals in the sea think that the rubbish is food so they eat it and they die

They pretend that there putting the rubbish in the bin but they just drop it on the ground and they don’t realize that it flies away or just ends up in the water and are killing animals that live in there.

When they go somewhere to buy clothes in bags and food after they finish there just too lazy to put it in the rubbish so they just throw it away or just drop it on the ground like nobody's watching
People that drop rubbish on the floor and bactering earth is called littering and littering is bad because we could die with bacteria air

If people keep dropping rubbish then we might die because the rubbish is smelly and it pollutes the air and the air is all around the world.

A letter to Nicolas Lei

Dear Room 3,

My name is Nicolas Lei. I hope you are all well and excited to
start another new year at Pt. England School. This is my first year
at Ferguson Intermediate and I am year 7. I am writing this letter to
you all because I know most of you are a similar age as me and I
need your help! Someone told me that you are a smart group of students, so I look forward to hearing from you.  

As a new student, I am learning a lot of new routines and rules. I am
enjoying my time here, however, there is one thing that I detest and
that is our school uniform! At my old school, we wore mufti which was
awesome because I got to choose what I wanted to wear everyday.
Now that I am at Ferguson, I have to wear the same thing every day
like everyone else. It bothers me because I don’t think it’s fair that I
have to wear a school uniform. This makes me want to move schools.

I know that you wear a school uniform too, right? How do you feel
about that? Do you think all schools should wear uniform? Please tell
me why you think schools should or should not wear uniform so I can
make a decision on whether to stay here at Ferguson or move back to
my old school. Please write back to me soon.

Kind regards,

Nicolas Lei, Year 7
Ferguson Intermediate School

Monika Feleti
130 Point England Road
Glen Innes
Auckland 1072

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Nicolas lei
Ferguson Intermediate school
otara Auckland

Dear Nicolas Lei

Fakalofa Lahi Atu My name is Monika And I am a year 7 at
pt england school I am sorry that you don’t have days like your
old school I hope you are fitting in with new friends.My opinion Is
that you should wear the same school uniform so you don’t have to
go looking for the clothes you want to wear and it is all messy.Wearing
the same uniform is good because you have to wear it every five days
.And you just have to pick it up and put it back down my point is you
should wear the same uniform as the whole school So your clothes
won’t be messy when you are finished.You should stay at that school
because it is educational for you because at your old school It’s just
not about wearing any clothes it’s about learning and looking smart.

Yours sincerely,
Monika Feleti

Extra writing

  • verbal-speaking/say
  • Written-Writing words

Based on logic
They use statics
And facts.
E.G. 90% of people use this product
Based on character or credibility they use famous  people or people we know ‘good’
E.G Beyonce  holding shampoo
Based on emotions/feelings
E.G.a sad child is an advertisement for world vision

Thursday, 8 February 2018


WALT:Algebra - Find the value of 'x
Task Description:In room 5 at Pt England school We are learning algebra.At first I didn't know how to do algebra But I am learning now In team 5.When I watched a Algebra video I didn't get it But since I got used to it It is fun I love Algebra.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The nast plasty prisinor

  The Nasty Plasty prisoner

There he is get him. The prisoner runs away as soon as  he runs past the bin he takes a peek and there is a burger he takes it out.the police is looking for him he runs out with the burger and the bird saw it and comes after it he’s running and the pickle fell out he trips over it and the police is coming he was just looking at the burger as soon as he tries to take a bite the police finally catch him and he was arrested for months long.