Tuesday, 12 December 2017

My last blog post of 2017

Image result for Pt england school picnicDid you know on Friday the 8th of November All pt england school students went to the Pt Eng I went land beach for the day we started walking there and Mr  Burt said a few things to not go past and to touch then we went off to go and play.

I went o change my little sister then she swam in the water with the other year ones we all had a swim team by team we all had fun I mostly had fun playing  with the sand.

I am looking forward to doing the summer learning journey in the holidays.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Monika incy wincy spider

TASK DESCRIPTION:This term team 4 is doing an animation.You could choose three options Incy Wincy spider,Ole Pepe, and Tirama, tirama nga whetu(In as Twinkle twinkle little star in maori)I chose incy wincy spider because that was my favourite Nursery Rhyme.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

julie and her dogs

    he dogsled race was about to begin. Julie’s team of dogs was lined up at the starting gate. Julie stood behind them. The air was so cold that she could see her breath. Other teams were lined up, too, and the dogs were excited. Julie kept her eyes on the clock. At exactly ten o’clock, she and the other racers yelled, "Mush!" The dogs knew that meant "Go!" They leapt forward and the race began!

Julie had trained months for this race, and she hoped she and her dogs would win. Hour after hour, day after day, Julie’s dogs pulled the sled in order to get in shape for the race.

Now, they ran over snowy hills and down into frozen valleys. They stopped only to rest and eat. They wanted to stay ahead of the other teams. The racers had to go a thousand miles across Alaska. Alaska is one of the coldest places on Earth. The dogs’ thick fur coats helped keep them warm in the cold wind and weather. In many places along the route, the snow was deep. Pieces of ice were as sharp as a knife. The ice could cut the dogs’ feet. To keep that from happening, Julie had put special booties on their feet.

At first, the dogs seemed to pull the sled very slowly. They were still getting used to the race. But on the third day out, they began to pull more quickly. They worked as a team and passed many of the other racers. Once, one of the sled’s runners slid into a hole and broke. Julie could have given up then, but she didn't. She fixed it and they kept going.

When they finally reached the finish line, they found out that they had come in first place! It was a great day for Julie and her dogs.

The author of "Julie’s Race" wrote the story in order to

describe how dogs stay warm in cold weather.
tell about a dogsled race.
explain how cold it can be in winter.
entertain the reader with funny stories about dogs.
Where does the dogsled race take place?
in Antarctica
on a track
in Alaska
in a field

What happened BEFORE the dogs began running?
The dogs pulled the sled slowly.
Julie and the dogs lined up at the starting gate.
The runner on Julie’s sled broke.
The dogs pulled the sled over hills and into valleys.

Read this sentence from the story.
‘Julie’s team of dogs was lined up at the starting gate’.
What does team mean?
friends and family
to join together
many dogs

a group working together

Why did Julie and her dogs win the race?

Use the story to explain your answer.

           …….Write here they trained Hour after hour day after day till                              It time for the race.

Why don’t the dogs freeze in the cold weather?

Julie puts special booties on their feet.

They sleep by the fire at night.

Their thick fur coats keep them warm.

It doesn’t get very cold in Alaska.

Read this sentence from the story.

The dogs’ thick fur coats helped keep them warm in the cold wind and weather.
What does thick mean?





What kind of person is Julie?

Use the story to help explain your answer.

          …. Write here.. Julie Is like a person who organized for everything

Friday, 27 October 2017

WALT:We are learning how to solve addition and subtraction problems


File:Tv hd.png - Wikimedia Commons

1. When did color TVs come out?
a. 1925
b. 1953
c. 1939
d. 1965

2. Which was not true about the first TV?
a. It could only show one color
b. It only had 30 lines
c. It did not have sound
d. It did not work well

3. When did networks start showing programs in color?
a. 1948
b. 1953
c. 1965
d. 1939

4. Why did the first TV station only show Felix the Cat for two hours a day?
a. They were running tests.
b. Felix the Cat was really popular.
c. Felix the Cat had been a big radio star.
d. Felix the Cat was the only show that they had.

5. Which of these events slowed the spread of TVs?
a. The World's Fair of 1939
b. The Civil War
c. The election of the U.S. President.
d. World War II

6. What is the author's main purpose in writing this?
a. He is trying to explain how a TV works.
b. He is telling readers how TVs became popular.
c. He is describing the history of the TV.
d. He is trying to get people to watch more TV.

7. Why did many families switch to color TVs in 1965?
a. Color TVs cost a lot of money.
b. Many shows were only shown in color.
c. Color TVs came out in 1965.
d. World War II ended and troops returned home.

8. Why was 1939 an important year for TV?
a. Many Americans were introduced to TV.
b. The first color TV was released.
c. The first TV station began broadcasting.
d. John Baird created the first TV.

9. How many lines does a 4K TV have?
a. 30
b. 1,080
c. 4,000
d. 3,840

10. Which happened first?
a. The 1939 World's Fair
b. The release of high-def TVs
c. The end of World War II
d. The release of color TVs

11. Why would watching TV have been boring in 1928?
The television only had one colour

12. Why did the 5 inch black-and-white TVs at the World's Fair impress people? Because the U.S. said a speech on the tv’s.The Television was five inches big but the people that had tv’s still loved

13. Why would it have been a bad idea to buy a color TV when they first were released?Because It did not work well.

making pan pipes

WALT:We are learning how to write about our activity making pan pipes.

Have you ever made  pan pipes? On October the 25th of 2017 room 8 literacy created their own pan pipes some people were struggling to make it. Pan pipes are kind of hard to make when you put the tape on the straws and the cardboard could move.

First we all got Our things ready and started I was excited even though we didn’t start .Well I made a panpipe before so I started before everyone and people that was on the table that I was on copped me.I was happy because No One ever copies when I do things only maths but no literacy.

We all got eight straws one cardboard tape for all of the people that was on the table.Everybody were swapping straws so they can only have one colour Especially me I was  swapping all eight for colours for all green but guess what I got three yellow straws and five green straws add least I got green more straws than yellow straws I was happy then.

As everybody finishes their instruments and I finish them too We all play with them and said whoo hoo we are finished some people didn't like it because they did It wrong I liked the way my one was made because It was made by me and If It was made by someone else and they gave It to me I wouldn’t like It.You are supposed to make your own not somebody else’s one.

I really like how mine was made because I did It all by my self,I only needed help on the tape part.I learned that when you put the tape on you have to be careful because the cardboard can move.You could make your own Just like everybody in room 8 literacy you like making It by yourself or with a buddy I would work with a buddy but you could make your own because you would be blowing someone else’s germs and you could get sick.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion assembly

WALT:We are learning how to write about our fist day at school.

Have you ever been to an immersion assembly well I have. We had a immersion assembly we have It every first day of the term .Today we came back from our holiday and had a immersion assembly even Mr burt had a great holiday.

Today Pt England school’s theme for this term is all about music,Our theme is called Musical madness because we are learning about team 1-5 will be learning all about music so when you go past music you will be able to know all about music.

Team 4 will be creating our own music on garageband and we will be putting It on our blog so other people can see It and listen. Music Is everything because It is around everywhere outside and inside.We are so excited to be creating our own music.Have you ever been on garageband I used to play It at my old school two years ago.I went Riverina primary school.

I really want to learn so I can get a higher achievement for myself.When I go to intermediate then I will know the answer.intermediate Is quite hard but Fun because you get to do fun things on your last year of  primary well i am on my last year of primary and my sister is on her last year of intermediate I really can’t wait until intermediate.

Do you like singing or playing a instrument.I love singing I always sing at home but don’t like to sing at school because It Is embarrassing singing you don’t know what could happen because someone could mock you.I Haven't played a instrument before but I really want to,you could try a new thing you have not tried before.

TASK DISCRIPTION:We are learning how to write a recount for our real test.

Friday, 6 October 2017

mysterious night

One dark mysterious cold night,I was lying in bed 11:11 on the dot as I looked at my clock standing there. I heard loud scratches on my window it sounded like scary sounds and crawl monster scratching on the walls.I quietly tried to get my torch from my draw next to my bed flashed it to my window,the light shined towards the window. The brunch at n where appeared close by  that gave me a fright.I was so relieved it was a brunch,I was not scared at all or anything. I jumped on my bed sitting up because I could hear a loud sound coming from down below as  go downstairs It almost sounded like we were having a robbery, sounded like they were smashing things like a TV,table something that makes a loud sound.I had the strength inside me getting off my comfy bed/, place my two feet on the cold floor.As i turn the knob of the door,As i hear whispers I peek closer to the door.two shadow appeared I Looked but one was there the other disappeared it was my brother.I ran to him and asked him in a angry way”what the,what were you doing” why because I was scared and thinking the worst that could happen to me.he did not reply back to me until i switched on the light he fell on the floor flat like a pancake.I tried to wake him up,He woke up with a fright saying “ what’s going on.

TASK DISCRIPTION;i am trying to fix my sentences to make it interesting

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

our theme for this term is guardians of the galaxy

Our theme for this term was guardians of the galaxy.Team four learned about space.What would you do if the earth was polluted clean it or find a new planet i would prefer to clean up earth.Earth has everything we need.Air,fresh water, and last of all he sea water you can swim in.

There is nothing in earth that is on any other planet.So we have to look after earth because we would be dying right now if earth wasn't clean we would be finding another planet i would clean earth than have a polluted earth.

sleep over

My friend Skye asked me if i was aloud to go to her sleep over on Friday the last day of school.So on Thursday night i asked my mum but she said no.So i told Skye on Friday that i wasn't aloud to come so she said oh well i did not ask my mum if you were aloud to come to my house.but on Saturday it turned out pretty fun because we got to bake and wash the car.That was the best day out of every holiday.