Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion assembly

WALT:We are learning how to write about our fist day at school.

Have you ever been to an immersion assembly well I have. We had a immersion assembly we have It every first day of the term .Today we came back from our holiday and had a immersion assembly even Mr burt had a great holiday.

Today Pt England school’s theme for this term is all about music,Our theme is called Musical madness because we are learning about team 1-5 will be learning all about music so when you go past music you will be able to know all about music.

Team 4 will be creating our own music on garageband and we will be putting It on our blog so other people can see It and listen. Music Is everything because It is around everywhere outside and inside.We are so excited to be creating our own music.Have you ever been on garageband I used to play It at my old school two years ago.I went Riverina primary school.

I really want to learn so I can get a higher achievement for myself.When I go to intermediate then I will know the answer.intermediate Is quite hard but Fun because you get to do fun things on your last year of  primary well i am on my last year of primary and my sister is on her last year of intermediate I really can’t wait until intermediate.

Do you like singing or playing a instrument.I love singing I always sing at home but don’t like to sing at school because It Is embarrassing singing you don’t know what could happen because someone could mock you.I Haven't played a instrument before but I really want to,you could try a new thing you have not tried before.

TASK DISCRIPTION:We are learning how to write a recount for our real test.

Friday, 6 October 2017

mysterious night

One dark mysterious cold night,I was lying in bed 11:11 on the dot as I looked at my clock standing there. I heard loud scratches on my window it sounded like scary sounds and crawl monster scratching on the walls.I quietly tried to get my torch from my draw next to my bed flashed it to my window,the light shined towards the window. The brunch at n where appeared close by  that gave me a fright.I was so relieved it was a brunch,I was not scared at all or anything. I jumped on my bed sitting up because I could hear a loud sound coming from down below as  go downstairs It almost sounded like we were having a robbery, sounded like they were smashing things like a TV,table something that makes a loud sound.I had the strength inside me getting off my comfy bed/, place my two feet on the cold floor.As i turn the knob of the door,As i hear whispers I peek closer to the door.two shadow appeared I Looked but one was there the other disappeared it was my brother.I ran to him and asked him in a angry way”what the,what were you doing” why because I was scared and thinking the worst that could happen to me.he did not reply back to me until i switched on the light he fell on the floor flat like a pancake.I tried to wake him up,He woke up with a fright saying “ what’s going on.

TASK DISCRIPTION;i am trying to fix my sentences to make it interesting

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

our theme for this term is guardians of the galaxy

Our theme for this term was guardians of the galaxy.Team four learned about space.What would you do if the earth was polluted clean it or find a new planet i would prefer to clean up earth.Earth has everything we need.Air,fresh water, and last of all he sea water you can swim in.

There is nothing in earth that is on any other planet.So we have to look after earth because we would be dying right now if earth wasn't clean we would be finding another planet i would clean earth than have a polluted earth.

sleep over

My friend Skye asked me if i was aloud to go to her sleep over on Friday the last day of school.So on Thursday night i asked my mum but she said no.So i told Skye on Friday that i wasn't aloud to come so she said oh well i did not ask my mum if you were aloud to come to my house.but on Saturday it turned out pretty fun because we got to bake and wash the car.That was the best day out of every holiday.

Monday, 2 October 2017

White sunday

the 1st of October it was white Sunday.the church starts at 2:00 but we have to go on stage at 2:30. I was excited because i loved white Sunday that was the day to be saying our speech and i loved saying  my  speech i was ready to say it.i got dressed did my hair and off we was 2:20 ten more minutes to go.we got there and it was 2:26 when we were about to go inside i definitely scared because there was alot of people so i walked to the back wanting to sit next to my cousin but unfortunitly  i sat next to my big sister Anelia.

when my uncle finish speaking we all went on stage to sing a song.It was the time to say our speech my little sisters nailed it because they were loud and clear so my mum could hear us it was time to be saying mine i got nervous at first but while i was saying it loud and clear.after white Sunday we had a family photo then we went home to get changed before we go to KFC when i heard i was so happy this was the best holiday ever we got to do exciting things together.


the best day ever


 the 30th of September The first day of the holidays. I helped my Mum make some scrumptious deep fried donuts, coconut buns and a delicious Madeira cake. I was the first to taste the coconut buns The minute i took a bite i looked surprised like i haven't tasted a coconut buns before.My brother and sisters all ran in the kitchen to have a taste of the coconut buns they all had smiles on there faces when they ate it.After the sugar donuts were made we had a try My little sisters loved it so much they asked for another one.

A few minutes later My mum asked me my brother and my two little sisters if we wanted to wash the car "yay" we got the hose,sponge and the brush to wash the windows i had that one.we were all so happy washing all the dirty spots we have finally finished so had a little fun with the water.

As we got inside water dripping down as we went for a shower one by one.i hoped in first while the others were waiting.i quickly got out rushed inside my room so i could go with my dad to the shops.I was so amazed i got a chocolate bar. It was time to go to bed and i was already sleeping because i had a long day.

Friday, 11 August 2017

2D shapes

WALT:we are learning how to identify 2D shapes and it's features.
TASK:We are learning about 2D shapes and match the words to the box.

Monday, 26 June 2017

maori fishing

WALT:To explain the change in these technologies over time
TASK DESCRIPTION:We are learning about maori fishing.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Friday, 26 May 2017

The GI pools

WALT: We are learning to right what we learned at the pool

Hi my name is Monika I am a year six in team four and we will be learning how to swim at the Glen innes pool’s.

We will be like the first classes to swim or we go after lunch or at lunch  we have so much fun there Then we walk back to school sometimes it’s raining we have to walk in our swimming togs and walk back in our togs

You have to make sure that your parent s can see you so you won’t have to go and go behind the flag so the you won’t drown watchout  it could be dangerous when you go somewhere like the beach a pool or you might slip on a tile at the pools.

I would like to say thank you for this opportunity to lets us learn how to swim and having three weeks of swimming thank you jed for teaching.

The most important part that jess taught us was to stay in the flags .I enjoyed going in the cold water and doing three laps I really appreciate that we are swimming for three weeks thank you.

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Friday, 12 May 2017


WALT:how to write a fairy tail


On a sunny sunday the three best friends called Monika,Losehina and Lucy work up at the same time there was a festival at the beach and it started at 12:00 cloak They all looked at the time Lucy can you tell us the time 11:30.ah oh We have to hurry.Said Monika.No time for breakfast we got to go. There house was three houses away to the beach.
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Tuesday, 2 May 2017


WALT:to put our writing on your blog

Hi my name is Monika I am a year six at pt england school I am ten years old My favourite subject is maths I am very good at it.

In 2017 the of pt england school Theme is Now that’s thinking.Now that’s thinking means what you're thinking of.

Last term we were slack But this term we should do better than last term I am not going to be behind anyone I am going up not down.

I want to look forward to more topics this term and create new things,Learn more words keep read interesting books I can’t wait to do more learning.

I will try to finish my work on time.

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Monday, 3 April 2017

a kakapo

Image result for kakapo images       photo of the bird
                                                                           there bird name:kakapo
                                                                          where there found:In Fiordland,south Island.
                                                                          threats to this bird:It needs to live in forets
                                                                          how to protect the bird:feed it hold it try to make it fly

three diget number

place value

save the earth

Thursday, 23 March 2017

why trees are important

WALT:Learning about why trees are important.

                                       Why trees are important

Room eight are learning about the environment at england school
We are learning about te taiao o tamaki for term one this week we are discussing why trees are important.we have researched why it is to plant trees.

Trees is our life we won’t live without trees trees is important for us trees give us air to breath in.

Trees are very important for us so we won’t die because there is no air.

If you chop trees down it will look ugly and not beautiful again.trees are very important to us because you won’t have any food without trees and animals will die and past away.

Trees is our life they can make houses,firewood that is very sad because without trees wouldn’t breath but weed houses and firewood

We have been writing why we need trees and why are they important they are important because we need to breath probably

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

place value

WALT:decimals and place value

maths work

WALT: learning maths and working it out

basic facts

WALT:Learning our times table division and mix up


WALT: to write what happened at pt england school camp

   Our camp

Camp is when you have lots of fun on 8th of march We had it on our grass in tents we vs the captains in killzone we played in the hall with scooters skates basketball and other fun things

My favourite part of camp was swimming at mungere pools and watching movies on the first night because that was how you're supposed to end your day

It was the teachers it was very fun having this opportunity to camp at school If camp wasn’t on we wouldn’t have any fun at pt england school so thank you teachers this was the best year ever.

Is that I had a lot of fun and enjoyed myself some schools do this but not a lot this was a very good Idea for this camp to happen  they have given us fun for three days of camp  

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Monday, 27 February 2017

Friday, 24 February 2017

Thursday, 9 February 2017

WALT:To be able to find the main points in a text and write them in my own words

Friday, 3 February 2017