Friday, 28 October 2016

Into the cave

Once upon a time when three little triplets called May Malaya and Edmond. they all had birthdays on the same day.When it was their birthday they would always have a party.As they turned 5 they went to this primary school called pt england school.

When they walked from home to school May saw this little door and asked what's that malaya said I don't know should we go through it no said Edmond we have to know what it is first.they walked through It was a secret passage way to this cave.Wow said Edmond look there is a tresure chest and a key on top you hold this key May and we will hold this tresure chest where is the little door over there no over here.They didn't know where the door so they fell asleep.the office called to the tripilets parents and said where are your children she said they are at school and the office said no there not the parents were worried.

they kept look and may was gone where is may they both walked where may walked and they were at school.The bell rang just in time and the tripilets ran home and told there parents everything.


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