Thursday, 23 March 2017

why trees are important

WALT:Learning about why trees are important.

                                       Why trees are important

Room eight are learning about the environment at england school
We are learning about te taiao o tamaki for term one this week we are discussing why trees are important.we have researched why it is to plant trees.

Trees is our life we won’t live without trees trees is important for us trees give us air to breath in.

Trees are very important for us so we won’t die because there is no air.

If you chop trees down it will look ugly and not beautiful again.trees are very important to us because you won’t have any food without trees and animals will die and past away.

Trees is our life they can make houses,firewood that is very sad because without trees wouldn’t breath but weed houses and firewood

We have been writing why we need trees and why are they important they are important because we need to breath probably

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