Monday, 2 October 2017

the best day ever


 the 30th of September The first day of the holidays. I helped my Mum make some scrumptious deep fried donuts, coconut buns and a delicious Madeira cake. I was the first to taste the coconut buns The minute i took a bite i looked surprised like i haven't tasted a coconut buns before.My brother and sisters all ran in the kitchen to have a taste of the coconut buns they all had smiles on there faces when they ate it.After the sugar donuts were made we had a try My little sisters loved it so much they asked for another one.

A few minutes later My mum asked me my brother and my two little sisters if we wanted to wash the car "yay" we got the hose,sponge and the brush to wash the windows i had that one.we were all so happy washing all the dirty spots we have finally finished so had a little fun with the water.

As we got inside water dripping down as we went for a shower one by one.i hoped in first while the others were waiting.i quickly got out rushed inside my room so i could go with my dad to the shops.I was so amazed i got a chocolate bar. It was time to go to bed and i was already sleeping because i had a long day.

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