Monday, 2 October 2017

White sunday

the 1st of October it was white Sunday.the church starts at 2:00 but we have to go on stage at 2:30. I was excited because i loved white Sunday that was the day to be saying our speech and i loved saying  my  speech i was ready to say it.i got dressed did my hair and off we was 2:20 ten more minutes to go.we got there and it was 2:26 when we were about to go inside i definitely scared because there was alot of people so i walked to the back wanting to sit next to my cousin but unfortunitly  i sat next to my big sister Anelia.

when my uncle finish speaking we all went on stage to sing a song.It was the time to say our speech my little sisters nailed it because they were loud and clear so my mum could hear us it was time to be saying mine i got nervous at first but while i was saying it loud and clear.after white Sunday we had a family photo then we went home to get changed before we go to KFC when i heard i was so happy this was the best holiday ever we got to do exciting things together.


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