Friday, 23 February 2018

The Enviorment

They drop rubbish on purpose and it ends up in the water.All the animals in the sea think that the rubbish is food so they eat it and they die

They pretend that there putting the rubbish in the bin but they just drop it on the ground and they don’t realize that it flies away or just ends up in the water and are killing animals that live in there.

When they go somewhere to buy clothes in bags and food after they finish there just too lazy to put it in the rubbish so they just throw it away or just drop it on the ground like nobody's watching
People that drop rubbish on the floor and bactering earth is called littering and littering is bad because we could die with bacteria air

If people keep dropping rubbish then we might die because the rubbish is smelly and it pollutes the air and the air is all around the world.

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