Monday, 14 May 2018

Year 6 camp

On the 2st of November We went to kawau Island. Have you ever been to Kawau Island? Well all yr6’s students from Pt england school went to kawau island. We all got on the ferry to sit at the top sadly four people had to sit at the bottom of the ferry.I wanted to see the great view on the top of the ferry.I was happy to sit on the .

On tuesday morning we went on a bus to catch a ferry ride, it took 1 hour and a half till we got there. We waited for the ferry to come so we ate our morning tea while we waited.The ferry came so we all took suitcases on the ferry then went went in.

In the morning Mr Jacobson blew the clarinet.We all got ready for the run.We started running but then we stopped because we were tired.A few seconds later we started running again I couldn’t catch up so I started walking the whole way. Finally wasn’t tired again so I ran and nearly slipped.When we got there we had breakfast.

Then we started out rotation. Our first rotation was Bivouac. We had to build a Bivouac out of sticks and when you are finished the adult leader have to tip water on you and you have to try not to get wet our group,we didn’t get wet as its was water proof! Our group was the only group that didn’t get wet! We were called Kawau B.

Camp was really fun i enjoyed it.I didn't want to leave Kawau island because it was so much fun there.When we came back to school we all wanted to go back to Kawau island.

I would like to say thank you to the adults who volunteered to come camp bentzon We appreciate you coming.We wouldn’t be here if you adults didn't volunteer.thank you shirley,sam,and lee  for coming to camp with us.

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